Crystallization problem of silicon oxide polishing solution
Postdate:2023-04-18 Views:172
Long term exposure of silicon oxide polishing solution to the air will cause the water to evaporate and leave solid silicon oxide, resulting in the appearance of silicon crystals, which is called crystallization. In practical applications, silica sol polishing solution will continuously rotate, circulate, and flow within the grinding disc, resulting in less crystallization. However, if the high temperature or polishing solution concentration is not properly configured, it can cause agglomeration, damage the workpiece, and affect the polishing effect.

Based on the characteristics of silicon dioxide, Jizhi Electronic Polishing Fluid manufacturer has developed an anti crystalline nano silicon dioxide polishing fluid that can maintain a stable liquid state of silicon dioxide for a long time. When polishing workpieces, they are easy to shake and do not agglomerate, and their chemical properties are stable and evenly dispersed. The polishing efficiency of silicon oxide fine polishing fluid is high, which can effectively shorten working hours. After polishing, the workpiece presents a mirror like effect, without scratches, and is high and flat.

It should be noted that the storage temperature of silicon oxide polishing solution is 5-30 ℃ and should not be lower than zero degrees Celsius, as the dispersed solution containing water will freeze, which is irreversible. Please pay attention to storage and use it within its validity period.

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