Characteristics of Diamond Grinding/Polishing Fluids
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There are four basic elements in the grinding and polishing process: workpiece, grinding fluid, polishing disc, and grinding conditions. Diamond grinding fluid/polishing fluid is a liquid polishing material that has rapidly developed with the development of Chinas electronic industry. An automatic grinding and polishing machine mainly used for processing ceramic materials, silicon wafers, hard alloys, etc.

There are three basic forms of diamond liquid grinding/polishing fluids: water-based, oil-based, and emulsion. Water-based diamond grinding fluid has been widely used in automatic grinding/polishing machines due to its easy cleaning, easy pollution, and convenient use. There are two types of diamond micropowders commonly used in diamond grinding fluids: polycrystalline diamond (polycrystalline diamond) and single crystal diamond micropowder. Diamond particle size ranging from 0.25 to 40 μ m. Common specifications are 1-6 μ M. The added diamond powder has different particle sizes and can be used to prepare diamond grinding fluids of different specifications. Customers can choose diamond powder solutions with different particle sizes based on the material technology and achieved values of the polished workpiece. According to the particle size of the selected diamond powder, the diamond solution is responsible for grinding or polishing, respectively.

Polycrystalline diamond polishing solution:

Utilizing the characteristics of polycrystalline diamond, it maintains high cutting efficiency during the grinding and polishing process while avoiding scratches on the workpiece. Mainly used for grinding and polishing of sapphire substrates, optical crystals, hard glass and crystals, superhard ceramics and alloys, magnetic heads, hard drives, chips, and other fields.

Single crystal diamond polishing solution:

Single crystal diamond has good cutting force and relatively low processing cost. It is widely used in the grinding and polishing of Superhard material.

Nano diamond polishing solution:

The spherical shape and fine-grained powder of nano diamond can achieve ultra precision polishing effect, and has good dispersion stability, can maintain long-term non sedimentation, and the powder does not agglomerate in the dispersion solution. Widely used in the ultra precision polishing process of hard materials, it can achieve a surface roughness of less than 0.2nm.

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